$60 Script Notes

yes, it's true, really good script notes at a rock-bottom price

Friday, October 07, 2005

Yes, I'll Give You Script Notes For $60

If you didn't read my original blog post on "Alligators In A Helicopter", here is the gist:

It's appalling that there are so many websites on the web, happily trying to rip off aspiring screenwriters by charging them hundreds of dollars for "coverage" (which won't really help you) or notes, which might, if you don't mind ponying up $300+.

I don't want to rip off writers. I'm a writer. I just want to offer a service.

So here's the deal --

Script notes, 4-6 pages. Not a synopsis, not basic coverage, but actual script notes.

I'll do them for $60. Paid in advance, Check, cash, money order. I'm even now set up for Paypal.

You can e-mail me the script (.pdf or final draft is best), or physically mail it to me.

But there would have to be rules.

I don't want anyone sending me scripts in hopes that I think they are great, and will pass them on to someone else. I'm not going to do that. If they are great, enter them in a contest. Win. Become rich.

I want to read scripts in which the writer is stuck, or needs a push, or some direction. Where I can give you pages and pages of story/structure/character notes, and you'll happily launch into a rewrite.

I will tear your baby apart. I'll tell you a few good things, and then most of the report will focus on what doesn't work. If you don't want your baby torn apart, don't hire me.

What I'm offering is basic, solid notes (no synopsis, just notes), from a guy who has read a hell of a lot of scripts and books (I'm going to hit my 9000th studio/prodco coverage sometime next year) and who'd be just as happy reading your script as he would one from a production company, for the same price. Because that's fair.

Anyhow, I have no idea if this is going to work. I think there might be interest in this, but I can't really handle a deluge, but if I can do notes here, and notes there, it might work. I'd try to turn them around fairly quickly; almost certainly less than a week.

If it's something you might want to explore, now or in the future, e-mail me. My e-mail address is in my profile.